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School Programs

Students will a have a one-of-a-kind experience attending a SDMRM STEM workshop!


Pricing: Workshops are $10.00 per student. Maximum number of students is 30. Teachers are complimentary. Each additional adult is $4.50.


Gallery admission included.


Prices are subject to change without notice.


Visiting the museum with more than 10 students? Make a group reservation for a school visit and workshop through our online reservation form.

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What makes arches and triangles so strong? Students will learn about both the physical science and history of arch and truss bridges. Students will perform five experiments to investigate the inherent strength of these shapes and understand why civil engineers frequently use them in the design and constructions of structures in general and bridges in particular. Leveled content, including a student assessment accompany the workshop.


We offer two versions of this program to accommodate students at different grade levels.

Level #1 – Grades 3-5

Level #2 –Grades 6-8

The Able Arch & the Trusty Trus

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Working with Scale

Available October 2018